The status of the lensfun code in UFRaw

One of the most interesting feature that was added to UFRaw recently is the use of the lensfun library. This allows the user to correct lens distortions, making straight lines straight. Moreover, lensfun also includes a large database of lenses with the parameters required to fix their distortions. This makes the process of applying the lensfun corrections almost automatic.

Still, this code in UFRaw is in experimental condition and should not be used unless the user understands the cavities involved in using the code. If you are building UFRaw from source, read this page and decide for yourself if you want to enable this feature (./configure --with-lensfun). For distributed packages, it is not recommended to enable lensfun, since most users would not be aware of the problems involved in using this feature. Personally, as the distributed of the win32 version of UFRaw I am not planning to enable this feature for MS-Windows users.

The cavities in the current code (as of UFRaw 0.14 and 0.15) are:

I hope I gave you enough information to decide if you are ready to use lensfun in UFRaw.

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