There are several ways to contibute to UFRaw. Basically you should just use the software, report any bugs you encounter and join the discussions on the forum. If you have some programming skills you are welcome to contribute code and participate in the development process. More specific channels of contibutions are listed below.

White Balance Presets

UFRaw gives the user a set of white balance presets and fine tuning according to the camera model. This allows one to set the white balance in UFRaw in exactly the same way as if it was set in the camera.

For UFRaw to offer proper preset white balance settings, it needs to know white balance information specific for your make and model of camera. If your camera is not currently supported for white balance presets, follow these instructions to contribute the information for your specific camera. If your camera is supported, you might still want to recheck that the preset are correct.

Currently, UFRaw supports these camera's white balance presets:


UFRaw currently has the following translations with the following contact persons (not necessarily the main translator):

If you want to discuss the specific choice of wording in a specific language, you should contact the relevant contact person. If you want to translate UFRaw to another language, you should contact me.

Each translation should have a contact person. There could be a group of translators, but the contact person should make a "long time commitment", and should notify me if he wants to retire.

Translators should be familiar with both the language and digital photography. I think that no translation is better than a bad translation.

About two weeks before a release, I plan to announce a 'string freeze'. This should be enough time to translate the changes from the previous release.

Translators should take care that the translation does not break the structure of the GUI. Specifically, the raw histogram should take the full width of the controls column. Either fit the translation to the GUI, or report a bug on the issue.

Notice that there seem to be some duplicate strings, like "WB" and "White Balance". This is related to the previous point. The idea is that there is a short version that appears in the GUI and a longer version that pops-up as a tooltip.

After 'string freeze', translators should check out the latest version from CVS, run ./autogen.sh && ./configure && cd po && make update-po, update translations and send new files to me or commit themselves, if they have write access to CVS.

Notice that in addition to the po file, there are also a few strings to translate in 'ufraw.desktop'.

Having a partial translation can be annoying to the user. Still, it should be possible to make a partial translation if it is done carefully. Top priority should be given to the GUI. It is not possible to translate the GUI and not the command-line, since some strings overlap. It is possible to skip the translation of the help text in 'ufraw --help'.

For comments on UFRaw you can contact me at UdiFuchs@ gmail .com

You are also welcome to visit my photography homepage.