UFRaw uses DCRaw to read the raw images, therefore it should support every camera supported by DCRaw. UFRaw 0.22 is based on DCRaw 9.22. Below is the list of cameras supported by DCRaw 9.22. In addition UFRaw recognizes the DNG format (thanks to DCRaw again). Therefore any camera that write DNG raw files should be supported automaticaly.

If your camera is not on the list, you should contact Dave Coffin and ask him to support it. But before bothering him, you should check his site for an up to date list of supported cameras.

If your camera appears in Dave's list but not here, you will have to wait for the next UFRaw release.

If your camera appears here and still UFRaw fails to open your raw files, then you should submit a bug report.

Cameras supporting DNG

The following cameras are automatically supported by UFRaw since they write their raw files in the DNG format

Other supported cameras

UFRaw should convert raw images from all of the above digital cameras without descrimination, no matter if you are working on Linux, Mac or MS-Windows.

For comments on UFRaw you can contact me at UdiFuchs@ gmail .com

You are also welcome to visit my photography homepage.